Monday, 17 June 2019

Gr. 44 June 17-21

Gr.44 June 17-21

The last week of the year has finally arrived! It has been a pleasure working with both Groups 43 and 44, I will truly miss you all! I think we had a great year together and wish everyone a wonderful Grade 5 year. Enjoy your summer. Spend time with family and friends, play and read. Have fun, you all deserve it!

Monday: Fun Day - wear gym clothes (no tank tops or skirts), one-piece bathing suit (girls) swim shorts and t-shirt boys, (if you want to play water games) and running shoes. NO SANDALS. Be sure to come with a labeled water bottle, sunscreen (we will apply at lunch since we are only going out at 1pm). Lunch is provided, but bring in snacks and a drink.

Tuesday: movie day; bring in some personal snacks in a zip lock bag, make sure they are nut free. 

Wednesday: Ice Cream Truck

Thursday: Music Concert

Friday: Variety Show 


Monday, 10 June 2019

Gr.43 June 10-14

Hello Group 43! The year is flying by! Be sure to sign the Final Numbers Exam Units 1-28 in the yellow test duo tang. Remember the Problem Solving portion (%) is adjusted due to the fact the students received guidance and steps written on the board to follow. We have our field trip Monday June 10. We will be working on the SWL Math Exams this week.

Upcoming Tests
Units 1-28: in test folder
Language Power:
Develop Research Skills Test: grades on Google Classroom
Spelling Test:
Lesson 18 – Tuesday June 11
· Study x-tables, 5 minutes per night
· Please bring in a reusable water bottle every day.

Language Power:
- complete
*Unit 18 – test Tuesday June 11. It has been worked on in class during the week. If incomplete, it becomes homework Thursday night. There are no weekly spelling tests. There will be one test per term using lessons 6, 12 &18.

Monday: -
Tuesday: Stencils
Wednesday: Stencils
Thursday: Stencils
Friday: -
Let’s have a great week!