Thursday, 21 September 2017

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Project

Gr. 4 Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Oral Presentation
The book Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing was written in the year 1972 and takes place in New York City. We have noticed some differences and similarities between Peter’s life and the life of a 10 year old today. I want you to have a discussion with one of your parents and compare their grade 4 life with your grade 4 life.
-         rules set by parents (ex: chores, bedtime etc.)
-         school life (ex: class size, distance, rules, projects)
-         extra curricular activities
-         favorite past times (TV shows, books, games, music, sports)
-         cost differences (ex: price of a movie in 1984 and 2017)
-         Any other comparisons!

You have 2 choices: 1) Make a comparison chart to write out the differences between your parent’s year and your year (handwritten is fine). Attach it to a poster and decorate it with pictures or photos. 2) You may complete your project on Google Slides through Google Classroom. This way all their information will be automatically saved through their SWL Google account and it will be turned in to me directly when they are done. 

Everyone will share their findings with the class on:
Gr.44 October 6, 11 and 12
Gr.43 October 13, 16 and 17

When presenting your Oral, please keep in mind:
-         It does not have to be memorized, just be sure to be comfortable with your material and look at your audience occasionally.
-         Speak clearly and at a comfortable pace.
-         Speak with expression!!!
I look forward to hearing your presentations!
Ms. Telishewsky

PS: Please have your child write which parent has been chosen and initial it.