Monday, 10 March 2014

Gr. 41 Mar.10-14

Group 41

Ms. Tiffany’s blog post

Note to parents: I am a student teacher in my fourth year at McGill University. I am completing my fourth field experience in Ms. Telishewsky’s classroom until mid-April. I am looking forward to teaching and learning with your children J

*Tuesday: Complete Edmodo poll and Edmodo post on Carbon Footprint. Complete short story brainstorm: Begin reflecting on what elements we need in a story, what will your story be about, what do you want to include? Jot down your ideas on a loose leaf paper and bring it to class on Wednesday. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing March break! This week we will continue the ISIS project. Our theme is Recycling and the EnvironmentJ

*2, 3 digit multiplication test Wednesday

This week we will practice the Logical Reasoning Problem Solving strategy. Please use the problems we work on in class as additional practice. Just change the numbers! There will be a quiz on Wednesday, March 26th.


·        4.5 minute x-table and 8 minute division tests will be held every Thursday.
·        Library every Wednesday
·        Please bring in a reusable water bottle every day.
·        TCBY Wednesday

For Language Power:
Monday: pg.62 Tuesday: pg.63 Wednesday: pg.64 Thursday: pg.65

Reading Comprehension:
I will be assigning one story from the Reading Comprehension activity book each English week. It will be due the Friday of that week.

This week’s story: The Fox and the Crow

Lesson 13 is due Friday – students will have time during the week to work on it in class.
Test is given with Lessons 6, 12 and 18 ONLY
Sign and Return all tests
Monday: Long Division A stencil
Tuesday: Long Division 3-digit A stencil
Wednesday: Long Division 3-digit B stencil
Thursday: Nelson Stencil pg. 87

Have a great week!