Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Gr.41 Apr.21-25

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! This week is Reading Week. You may wear your Favorite Book t-shirt and be sure to have a book you enjoy reading every day J

Fraction test on Thursday including one Mean, Median, Mode and Range Question

**Reminder: Jardin Botanique field trip on Friday April 25.  Please bring a lunch in a plastic bag. Disposable cameras only. Miss Tiffany and Ms. Telishewsky will be the adults attending, NO BERRIES in lunches due to allergies**

This week we complete Work Backwards Problem Solving strategy. Please use the problems we work on in class as additional practice. Just change the numbers! There will be a quiz on Monday May 5.*


·        5 minute x-table tests will be held every Thursday.
·        Library every Wednesday
·        Please bring in a reusable water bottle every day.
·        TCBY Wednesday

For Language Power:
Monday: holiday Tuesday: pg.79 Wednesday: pg.80 Thursday: pg.81-83 (due Monday May 5)

Reading Comprehension:
I will be assigning one story from the Reading Comprehension activity book each English week. It will be due the Friday of that week.

This week’s story: One Inch Boy – due Monday May 5.

Lesson 16 is due Thursday – students will have time during the week to work on it in class.
Test is given with Lessons 6, 12 and 18 ONLY

Fraction and Decimal test Thursday April 24.(Stencils in red duo-tang, Nelson stencils, Prism Ch.12) Study Nelson Stencils pgs.115-116
Tuesday: Prism pg. 215 #s 5,6,7,8 Nelson Math Stencil pg.115
Wednesday: Prism pg.190 Nelson Math pg.116
Thursday: Prism: pgs 192 & 194, 184 & 200

Have a great week!