Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Oral

Gr. 4 Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Oral Presentation

The book Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing was written in the year 1972 and takes place in New York City. We have noticed some differences and similarities between Peter’s life and the life of a 10 year old today. I want you to have a discussion with one of your parents and compare their grade 4 life with your grade 4 life.

-         rules set by parents (ex: chores, bedtime etc.)
-         school life (ex: class size, distance, rules, projects)
-         extra curricular activities
-         favorite past times (TV shows, books, games, music, sports)
-         cost differences (ex: price of a movie in 1984 and 2014)
-         Any other comparisons!

Make a comparison chart to write out the differences between your parent’s year and your year (handwritten is fine). Attach it to a poster and decorate it with pictures or photos. If you have another interesting idea for a presentation, just ask me, I am always open to new ideas!

Everyone will share their findings with the class on:
Gr.42 Friday October 24.
Gr.41 Thursday October 30.

When presenting your Oral, please keep in mind:
-         It does not have to be memorized, just be sure to be comfortable with your material and look at your audience occasionally.
-         Speak clearly and at a comfortable pace.
-         Speak with expression!!!

I look forward to hearing your presentations!

Ms. Telishewsky