Monday, 22 February 2016

Gr.44 Feb 22-26

Group 44
Welcome back group 44! This week we will be continuing our theme on Inventions and finishing our next section in Math. I will be adding Mixed Numbers and Improper fractions to Unit 20 (on stencils). These activities will be included on Friday’s Unit 18-20 Math test.
Theme 3 Math test (Units 15-20) will take place on Tuesday March 15. Numbers Workbook pages 34-41 are assigned as practice over the break. I will correct them and go over any problems on Monday March 14.


· Study x & / tables, 5 minutes per night, results must improve weekly
· Please bring in a reusable water bottle every day.

The marks found on Edmodo can give you an idea of what you can expect on the report card next week. Keep in mind the average found is simply for those graded activities and tests. It does not include their class work, group/class participation and homework.

Language Power:
Monday: pg.55 Tuesday: pg.56 Wednesday: pg. 57 Thursday: pg 58
Sign and return Unit 3 Test

Reading Comprehension:
Mose Volunteer Fireman – due Friday Feb.26

Lesson #12 is due February 26 – students have had time during the week to work on it in class.
Spelling Test on Lesson 12 Friday February 26
Spelling Tests with lessons 6, 12 & 18.

Math: Math test – Units 18-20 Friday Feb.26
Monday: 3-6 (both sides)
Tuesday: stencil #1
Wednesday: stencil #2

Thursday: Study

Have a wonderful Spring Break!