Monday, 12 September 2016

Gr.42 Sept.12-16

Group 42

UPDATE: September 15 - 
We have logged on and activated the SWL student account on our Google Chromebooks. I would ask that the students log on at some point this weekend to play a Grammar game that goes with our lessons this week. 
INSTRUCTIONS: Using the Google Chrome browser (preferable), they type: in the address bar. Their username is their student number ex: Password is the one they chose in class. (see post-it in the agenda pocket and leave it at home.) The will enter my class group and use the link provided to play the game. This is a private group and no other students than group 42 will have access to it. Thank-you for your co-operation and I will go over how we will be using the Google Chromebooks/Classroom at Open House tonight, September 15.

Hello Group 42! Here we go with our first homework blog for the year. If there is anyone who doesn’t have pages PE 13-14 signed, please do so this evening.
Thursday is Open House, please pick from one of the following sessions: 6:15-7:00pm or 7:15-8:00pm. We will meet in room 202.
· Study x-tables, 5 minutes per night
· Please bring in a reusable water bottle every day.

Language Power:
Monday: complete pgs.6&7
Tuesday: pg.8
Wednesday: pg.9
Thursday: -

Reading Comprehension:

Unit 1 – it has been worked on in class during the week. If incomplete, it becomes homework Wednesday night. There are no weekly spelling tests. There will be one test per term using lessons 6, 12 &18.

Math: First Math test on Units 1-4 Wednesday September 28
Monday: stencil 1-2 (side 1 #1 ONLY)
Tuesday: stencil 1-2 (side 2)
Wednesday: stencil 1-3 (side 1)
Thursday: stencil 1-3 (side 2)
Wednesday September 21: stencil 1-4 (side 1)
Thursday September 22: stencil 1-4 (side 2)

Let’s have a wonderful week J