Monday, 10 February 2014

Gr.42 Feb.10-14

Group 42

Please review rounding over the next week using this link and any others you may find using the Math sites found on my blog.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! This week we start the ISIS project. Our theme is Recycling and the Environment J

Math and Language test Friday.

Edmodo homework: Type out your Biographical Essay on Word (or a similar program) and send the attachment through Edmodo. The assignment will be in Group 42 Writing. It will be due on Sunday.

This week we practice Make a Table or a Chart Problem Solving strategy. Please use the problems we work on in class as additional practice. Just change the numbers! There will be a quiz on Wednesday February 26.*


·        5 minute x-table tests will be held every Tuesday.
·        Library every Tuesday
·        Please bring in a reusable water bottle every day.
·        TCBY Wednesday

For Language Power:
Monday: Tuesday: pg.51 Wednesday: pg.52 Thursday: pg.53
Unit 3 test Friday

Reading Comprehension:
I will be assigning one story from the Reading Comprehension activity book each English week. It will be due the Friday of that week.

This week’s story: Mose Volunteer Fireman

Lesson 11 is due Friday – students will have time during the week to work on it in class.
Test is given with Lessons 6, 12 and 18 ONLY

Sign and Return Graphing and Look for a Pattern tests
Math Test Friday – Prism Ch.4, Nelson Ch.9 lessons:1,2,3,5
Tuesday: Nelson Stencil pg 78
Wednesday: Nelson stencil: pg 79
Thursday: Prism pg.76

Have a great week!