Monday, 17 February 2014

Power Point Biography

Power Point

This weekend we are going to practice putting text on a picture using Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Word. The assignment will be turned in on Edmodo. I have gone over the steps in class, given examples on the Smart Board and written detailed instructions. If you don’t have those programs or a similar one, make sure your pictures were turned in through Edmodo and bring the memory stick to school. You can complete it at school.

You are going to practice putting text on a picture using Microsoft Powerpoint. You also need to have the poem you typed in class opened in Microsoft Word, in another tab.

Step 1) Have your parents scan a picture of your family member into your computer. Save it in the same place as your Essay. If you don’t have access to any pictures, find some from the internet that will match with what you wrote.

Step 2) On the first Powerpoint slide, For the title, write “My Biographical Essay” use your own name instead of the word my. Move the title to the top of the page.

Step 3) Click the middle of the page, then click on Insert, then Picture, then From FileClick on the picture you scanned or found on the internet. It will appear on your slide.

Step 4) Now click on Insert, then Text Box. Your cursor will become a little line. Click on the area of your image that you would like the essay to appear.

Step 5) Copy the text of your poem from Microsoft Word. Highlight it by clicking right where your text begins, then drag your mouse down until the last word of the essay. It should be highlighted. Right click over part of the text and select copy.

Step 6) Go back to the Powerpoint slide. Right click inside the text box, then click on paste. Now your text is on the picture. If you want to change the font, color or size, highlight the text, then click on the colored A button to change the color, or the number with the arrow to change the size.

Step 7) Click on the image to see the final product. If you are happy,click on File, then Save As and give a name to your poem.

Step 8) Turn it in through Edmodo.

I look forward to seeing them all!